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Who we are

“Every wedding has a story to share. So, how are you going to share that story, so that your invited guests and friends will remember?”

Your wedding day is a day you will never want to forget! From saying your "I Do" to watching those closest to you share touching remarks, there are so many memories in the making. So, how do you make your wedding day memorable?

At K’Mich weddings, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a great and memorable wedding. We offer consultation, professional wedding planning, and other services to make your dreams come true.   

We carefully listen to your needs and desires. Our dedicated and passionate team will brainstorm and discuss with you how we will turn your dream into a reality! Based on your plans and wishes, we provide a variety of options and packages that will suit you perfectly.

Knowing that brides and grooms are unique, bringing their own personalities, lifestyles, and family traditions, we at K'Mich strive to reflect your individuality on your special day so that you and your guests will enjoy every moment of your wedding, tantalizing each of the five senses. We are committed to making your story come alive.

With a combined 10 years of professional wedding-planning experience, we have worked with over 150 couples assisting with full coordination building up to the nuptials to day-of service at venues such as The Manor Country Club, Glenside Hall, Morris Arboretum, to name but a few.  

 We handle all activities, leaving you and your family with no stress. With us, you can relax, sit back and enjoy every moment of your wedding. 

Are you planning a wedding very soon and need the help of professional wedding planners who can transform your long-time dream into the perfect wedding?  

Don’t hesitate to give us a call!