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Putting Your Bridesmaids
Putting Your Bridesmaids in "Something Blue"

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” is one checklist that’s likely been on your mind since your engagement. This old wife’s tale says that a bride’s ability to possess each of these four things will bring them good luck in their marriage. With a blue bridesmaid’s dress, you’ll have at least one of these items checked off your list!


4 Easy Ways You Can Help Cut Costs For Your Bridesmaids

Since being a bridesmaid can come with quite the hefty price tag, it's always helpful to keep your bridal party and their budgets in mind when making plans and picking out the details. If you're looking for a way to cut costs for your bridesmaids, here are four ways you can easily save them quite a few bucks.


When To Buy Your Bridesmaids Dresses

Start off by doing some research. Download either 'Dessybarn' or Wedding 'Lookbook' app, where you can browse thousands of gowns, bookmark your favorites and share them with your friends, and then find stores in your area that carry the same dresses you love.


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Bridesmaids Dresses That Fit Any Budget

You stress about how you look in a dress, right? Why should your pals be any different? While it is almost impossible to make everyone 100 percent happy, you should still shoot for that. Be honest. Is your heart set on a sleek sheath dress you saw on a skinny model in a magazine, but your pal's body type might may vary.


Bridesmaids' Dresses 

Most bridesmaids’ dresses these days are more than bearable: many are downright flattering. Start shopping for your maids’ gowns as soon as you’ve decided on your dress.Take at least one attendant with you when you shop- you’ll need her as an advocate. It will take a few months to coordinate sizes, for the dresses to come in, and for alterations. 


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