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Weddings are beautiful. No doubt about that. It’s your day to share your unique style with close friends, family, and the occasional wedding crasher. From the decor to the dresses to the wedding bands, everything needs to show off you and your partner’s taste. This includes the food you’re serving too. It has to be yummy to the eyes and stomach.


cake design
Questions To Ask Cake Designers+ Bakers

We all agree, your wedding cake should taste good, look good and turn heads at the same time, not forgetting your dress. So, to make sure you have all three and nothing less, make sure you work with a baker/designer who is able to capture the essence of your personalities, tastes, and styles in your cake. You want your guests to remember everything about your wedding, cake included, long after your wedding day.


Unique Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake

At the heart of every wedding are great dinner food and definitely mouthwatering desserts. However, despite what some might believe, there are no hard-set rules saying that your wedding dessert must be a cake. In fact, the best weddings we have seen usually step outside the “traditional” pattern and go for more unique desserts, like eclairs, cupcakes, chocolate-covered fruit, and more.


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