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Top 7 Things You Should Do After Your Engagement

Congratulations on your new engagement! Now that you’ve said yes to the love of your life, you might not be sure how to start the tedious process of planning your dream wedding. But fear not, we’ve gathered the seven things you should do in the next six months following your engagement...


You Think You Know How to Plan Your Wedding?

Now that he finally put a ring on it and you said yes, what comes next, you may be wondering? Here's' what’s next. After you are done celebrating, taking ring selfies and showing it off on Instagram, and Facebook…while at it, remember to change your status from single to engaged! 


Is Premarital Counseling Right For Us?

This is the question a bride-to-be and a groom were asking themselves while getting ready for their wedding. The suggestion to attend premarital counseling is one of the best wedding tips anyone can give. Having been married (happily) for 24 years now, 25 years in November, I highly recommend that brides and grooms attend premarital counseling....


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Do you Plan on Using a Credit Care to Pay for All or Part of your Wedding?

Congrats to all you Brides and Grooms on your upcoming nuptials! So, now that you are engaged, your next step is to budget for your big day. Before doing anything, we suggest that you both should have the money talk before moving forward. This will help you understand where you both are in your finances.


Month By Month Wedding Checklist

Now that you are engaged and may be wondering what's next? Well, wonder no more because we are here to help. What to do after you are engaged ? Use the following timeline/checklist to help you with the (ideal) timetable of twelve months. However, if you’re planning your wedding on a shorter schedule, just start at the beginning of the list and try to catch up as quickly as possible...


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