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The Return Of The Fabulous Red - Holiday Glam

Since our lips have been unseen for months, the reveal of the lip is truly a return to the classic red. With the return of our classic red lips, we will be revisiting our lipliners because it is essential to build your perfect lip shape. Of course, our shiny lipglosses are an additional modern touch to the classic red lip. Your eyes will dazzle zoom family and guests by using dramatic yet modern eyeshadows to reflect your eye color. 


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Fall is here and with the change of the season comes the richest dramatic tones that will mystify your wedding guest. You are able to choose from a variety of rich rust tones within nature’s pallet to compliment the holiday seasons' classic favorite color, jewel-toned burgundy red.


Glasses are apart of your wedding ensemble
If You Wear Glasses, You Should Read This Before...

If glasses are a big part of your look, don’t ditch them when it comes to your special day. When walking down the aisle, the most important thing for a bride to keep in mind is to look like YOU! There’s no need to make any drastic alterations to your appearance and that means incorporating your everyday accessories, including glasses. Check out some beautiful bespectacled brides, and read our top tips for rocking eyewear in your wedding dress. 


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Fish oil for healthy skin
Skincare – 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Fish Oil

With daily exposure to the environmental elements, this poses major challenges for your skin. So, the consumption of fish oils can help your skin maintain a healthy and supple appearance and function. — summarized in an article published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition ("Nutritional Skin Care: Health Effects of Micro-nutrients and Fatty Acids"), daily intakes of several grams of fish oil every day promote healthy skin. 


skincare routine for wedding day
Bridal Makeup Tips To Keep In Mind

Before we give you these tips, keep in mind that your diet plays a part in how you look, feel, and carry yourself on a daily basis. 

Also, a poor diet is a contributing factor in causing chronic skin conditions such as cystic acne, prolonged acne, dark spots, and early signs of wrinkles. Here is what Michelle at Concept Studios says you need to start doing..


Avacado Sleeping Mark for beautiful skin on your wedding day
Fully Engaged – Bride To Be Goals

Establish a good routine early on with these tried-and-true overachievers. Even strangers will demand, “Let me see that ring!” A #SelfCareSunday spent with a Mary Kay Satin Hands preps nails for anyone of the subtle shades in the new OPI Always Bare for You ($10.50) line.


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I Woke Up Like This (Not Really)

If your skin looks great, everything else will just work.’ says makeup artist and influencer Katie Jane Hughes (@katiejanehughes). That’s why it’s smart to invest in a good moisturizer, retinoid serum, and (of course!) a sunscreen. It’s the crucial step in your beauty routine,” says L.A. dermatologist Rachael Cayce. 


4 Makeup Tips From The Pros That Will Have You Looking Your Best

The fastest way to whittle down the dizzying array of options is to be decisive about the finish. “Ask yourself, “Do I want a dewy finish, a flat matte?” That takes about 50 percent of bottles off the wall,” says Sir John. Then decide which texture you feel comfortable with a liquid with a pump, a cream, a powder. “That’ll knock out an additional 30 percent,” he adds. Feeling better already? So are we.

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