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Jar filled with ways to keep your guests entertained during lulls at your wedding
Top 9 Ways To Keep Your Guests Entertained During Wedding Lulls

It’s finally your big day! You’ve picked the perfect dress, decorations, and location for your wedding and you’re excited to share this milestone with your friends and family. Even though this day is all about the celebration of your union, you still want it to be enjoyable for those who have supported you along the way.


Tips To Creating A Wedding That Your Guests Will Love And Remember

When guests first arrive there is often nothing for them to do until the ceremony actually starts. This can be an awkward time for the ones who attend alone. A good idea would be to extend the cocktail hour to let everyone get acquainted while you and the groom sit for your wedding portraits. Invite guests to have a drink and mingle (strolling bar idea). 


Married Couple dancing at wedding reception
Reception Music: Bands Vs. DJs

The right music can make (or break) your reception. Whether you hire a band or a DJ, music sets the mood, so choose carefully. The first decision is band vs. DJ, and that will largely be determined by your budget. Once you’ve settled that, get started on your search, as always, the best professionals get booked unbelievably early. 


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Ultimate Guide To A Great Reception

When, what, who, in what order… Think through the evening and have a clear plan for the entire event. Then clearly communicate this plan to all interested parties: your catering manager, the wedding party, parents, etc. Consider the schedule and details of events such as the following: cocktails, dinner, grand entrance, toasts, specialty dances, and so on.


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