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Creating a delicious menu for your guests is a very important part of wedding planning. If this is something you have been struggling with, these helpful articles are sure to inspire you! Here, you can find some beautiful wedding cake ideas that may suit your style, as well as some other desserts that you may want to include in your menu. 

Lemon tart cake with yellow flowers
Do You Want To Know What To Add To Your Menu?

Your tarts and pies can also come in different sizes, you could make small bite-sized morsels or a cupcake kind of thing using various recipes – so each guest may find their preference.

You could also wrap your lovely desserts up as wedding favors so your guests can take a replica of your happy home. Remember to attach a little ‘thank you for coming’ note beside your box too.


Questions you should be asking your cake decorators and bakers
Questions To Ask Cake Designers+ Bakers

Remember, you can take your time booking the cake, even waiting until the final months before your wedding date. So, don't rush into ordering your cake until you are sure about everything, from your style to the designer/baker. Below, we have curated a few questions that will help you to get started. 


fruit filled puff pastries and chocolate brownies
Unique Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake

We have researched current baking trends and popular treats to select 18 mouth-watering, decadent desserts — perfect for your wedding day. These can be easily recreated by your baker, or you can add your own personal flair to make them even more special.


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THE 13 DELICIOUS RECIPES YOU WANT TO TRY-upside down cake- upside down blackberry bourbon cake-party cake
Who Else wants a new upside-down upgrade?

So, with the holidays coming, this is a great time to do a little upgrade on the pineapple recipe and surprise your guests with this new twist. Oh, don’t think that this recipe is limited to home gatherings. No! It can be a great wedding cake too! If you are looking for something different and want to include your favorite fruits and anything else, you should try this. How creative are you? Make sure to find a great baker who is skilled to help you accomplish this. 


Vegan icecream
Is Vegan Desserts Any Good?
4 Decadent Wedding Dessert Alternatives For Vegan Couples

A Love Supreme Vegan Cream in Philadelphia makes delicious dairy-free, oil-free, and low-sugar vegan creams that are packed with seasonal superfoods. Their vegan creams are decedent and come in a variety of flavors so that your guests can choose their favorite. Vegan Ice Cream is refreshing and packed with natural energy that will prepare your guests for a night of dancing and celebrating. ABC news


floral cake with a take topper reading "Amor"
9 Wedding Cake Designs We Are Loving

In general, you can take your time booking the cake, even waiting until the final months before the wedding. Just keep in mind that noted designers - the kind featured in national or big - city magazines - will be booked in advance.


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Geode looking 3 tiered cake with dried roses
7 Steal-Worthy Geode & Concrete Wedding Cake Ideas To Get You Started!

What is "geode" cake - "A cake with a large indentation filled with graduated blue (you can add your wedding colors) crystals/amethyst". These steal-worthy geode ideas are very chic and trendy - a design that's sure to dazzle your guests! We hope this trend never fades away never to be remembered - they are too gorgeous!!


Teal mermaid looking custom cake, a unique choice for a wedding cake
Creative Craft Meets Cake Decoration

This piping technique makes it appear as if thousands of beautiful beads adorn your wedding cake. Cakes decorated this way are a sight to behold, almost too beautiful to eat (don’t worry, we said ALMOST). Siân-Amy Pettit, @thepetitepudding, created this unique trend after trying out the shag technique we mentioned earlier. She wanted something a little more delicate and intricate beyond what the shag technique could offer. Your eyes move a mile a minute trying to take in all the beautiful intricacies of this technique— and it works for any occasion! 

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